Note: If you do not currently see the Groove Notes icon in your Google Calendar, we're working with your Salesforce team to have this enabled.

Taking notes for your meetings directly from Google calendar and making sure they are logged back to Salesforce is easy with Groove Notes! 

Taking meeting notes

To start taking notes, just simply click the following within Google Calendar:

Then choose the meeting you want to take notes for, or start a new note:

Any notes you leave will then automatically save back to Salesforce!

Pro tip: You can launch the meeting notes for a specific meeting by previewing that event and clicking the notes icon (see below):

Surfacing Groove notes in Salesforce (for Salesforce Admins)

If you would like it so people can see the notes they are leaving, you will need to add the 'Notes' related list to your 'Event' layouts:

Then, any notes left via Groove will display on the event like the following screenshot shows:

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