Getting Started with Groove!

Everything you need to start using Groove

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Admin Getting Started and Configuration

Getting Groove setup and customized for your sales organization

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Groove Chrome Extension Upgrade 2023

All you need to know about the new extension experience

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Gmail Integration

An overview of Groove's Gmail productivity features

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Microsoft 365 Users

Getting Started and Advanced topics for Microsoft 365 users.

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Groove Omnibar

Learn how to use the Omnibar from wherever you're working!

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Calendar Integration

Improve efficiency with our Calendar functionality

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Groove Flows

Engaging personally with your customers at scale

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Groove OmniDialer

Get more connects and effortlessly make calls

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Groove Spaces

A centralized workspace for your accounts and opportunities

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Account Based Sales

The goal is to make meaningful relationships and drive interaction with each Account. Below are the Groove features that help you do just that

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Sales Leaders and Managers

A collection of resources for people in Sales Leadership to get the most out of Groove

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Other Integrations

Groove is the hub that merges the most important solutions that sales organizations are utilizing today

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Groove Best Practices 📝

Learn more from Groove Masters about groovy best practices, tips, and tricks!

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Product Updates and Releases

This is a dedicated section for admins where you can find the latest documentation on Groove platform releases and release notes

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Groove Webinars

Explore Groove's extensive webinar library for tips on mastering Groove.

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