Email open tracking configuration for Admins

Configure Groove's open tracking for emails so sales reps can see when recipients are opening their emails.

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Email open tracking allows reps to see when recipients are opening their emails, and thus allows them to experiment with different messaging and content. In this article we'll walk through all of the different tracking options you have as an admin.

Note: All of the following settings can be configured by Salesforce admins on this page.

Enable Email Open Tracking

This option allows you to control whether users can use the email open tracking feature of Groove.

If you run Groove in isolated mode, you must follow the setup process before enabling this feature. Contact Groove support if you want to run Groove in isolated mode.

Blocklist Applies to Email Open Tracking

When you have the option Email Open Tracking activated, users can choose to track email opens for outbound emails. In some cases it might not be desirable or against your company policy that users track email opens for emails sent to particular recipients (e.g. emails to coworkers).

This option controls whether emails that are sent to blocklisted email addresses are really tracked. In other words, this option allows the system admin to override the user's choice to track email opens for all emails that belong to the list of blocklisted domains. E.g. this is useful if you don't want email open tracking to be possible for internal emails. In that case you would add your company's domain to the field Domain Blocklist and activate this option.

Note: if an email has multiple recipient email addresses and one or more email address are blocklisted but at least one email address isn't blocklisted, the user can still activate email open tracking. This means only if all email addresses are blocklisted, this option is effective.

Block Teammate Email Opens

When you have the option Email Open Tracking activated, users can choose to track email opens for outbound emails. Sometimes an email is sent to a customer and coworker. In that case it is probably desirable to disregard the email opens from the coworker and only consider the email open from the customer.

This option allows you to controls whether email opens from coworkers are disregarded. Coworkers must have the Chrome extension Groove for Gmail installed so Groove can suppress these email open events.

Make Tracking Statistics Visible in SFDC

Rather than creating another data silo for your email data, Groove saves email information directly to Salesforce. Due to this, we have added a few custom fields to the Task object in Salesforce and you can add these to the Task page layout for users (note: you could also add these fields to the activity history table):

  1. Times Opened

  2. Last Opened Date

  3. Times Clicked

  4. Replied

You can also tell if an email is inbound or outbound by our naming convention for the Subject field. All inbound emails will start with 'Email: <<' and all outbound emails will start with 'Email: >>'.

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