Gmail options

Additional options for Groove's Gmail functionality

Written by Tom Stevenson
Updated over a week ago

Note: All of the following settings can be configured by Salesforce/Groove admins on this page, within the Profile Settings for your different teams!

Enable Search Salesforce from Gmail

This option allows you to control whether users get to see suggested contact or lead records when they start typing in the recipient field in the Gmail compose window.

Additional Fields for Email Logging

When users log an email in Gmail using Groove's Search & Select button, it is also possible to populate additional fields  from the Task object.

Note: Groove will only display these field types: Text, Text Area, Picklist and Checkbox.

Use Groove Templates Only

Groove allows users to access Groove templates and Salesforce templates directly from Gmail.

This option allows you to control whether users can access only Groove templates from Gmail. This helps to avoid confusion and makes sure all the templates created and updated by users are also accessible in Groove Flow.

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