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Allow reps to update SFDC activities directly from GCal

Written by Tom Stevenson
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Note: All of the following settings can be configured by Salesforce admins on this page.

Enable Calendar Logging 

This option allows you to control whether Groove inserts extra controls into the Google calendar user interface. These controls allow users to decide whether an event is logged in Salesforce, relate the event to specific Salesforce records and populate additional fields on the Event object.

Additional Fields for Calendar Logging

Groove can display Salesforce fields in the details page of Google calendar. That way users can add and update additional information to a calendar event.

Here are common examples of we've seen customers use in the past:

  • Meeting Purpose: Qualification Call, Demo, Support, Training

  • Outcome: No show, Qualified, Unqualified

Note 1: If you just created these activity custom fields in Salesforce, you will need to click here in order to refresh your Salesforce metadata.

Note 2: Groove will only display these field types: Text, Text Area, Picklist, Checkbox and Look Up Fields.

Note 3: You can make these fields required by adding ':required' after the API Field Name.

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