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Installing the Groove Managed Package
Installing the Groove Managed Package

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Installing Groove

Groove consists of two main parts. The first is a Salesforce managed package and the second part is a Chrome extension (for Gmail users) or the Outlook add-in (for Microsoft 365 users). You can install both and be up and running with Groove in less than 10 minutes.


STEP 1 - Install Salesforce Managed Package

Salesforce admins must install the Groove Managed Package. You can start installing the managed package by going to our listing on the Salesforce Appexchange.

After you accept the terms of service and pick the Salesforce organization where you would like to install, you will start the normal install process. Please be sure to select 'Install for all users' so that when you grant your users a Groove license, they will have access to Groove's managed package.

Groove will be fully installed within a couple of minutes. Now it is time to add the Chrome extension.

STEP 2 - Install Chrome Extension (Gmail Users)

STEP 2 - Install the Outlook Add-in (Microsoft 365 Users)

Admins -- See Related: License Management for your users

Troubleshooting common errors

Not enough custom fields
When Groove installs into your Salesforce instance, it will attempt to add 9 activity custom fields that help power our email/calendar sync and our email engagement tracking. 

If your SFDC instance is approaching Salesforce's limit of 100 activity custom fields,  you will need to delete some fields before you can install the Groove managed package.

Note: Sometimes deleting fields from the Salesforce interface will not fully delete them. 

If you try installing the Groove managed package again, after ensuring you have no more than 91 activity custom fields, and it still fails, you will need to contact Salesforce support to request that the fields be fully deleted.

Salesforce notes not enabled

If you are seeing an error like the below, you will need to enable Notes from within Salesforce. To enable Notes, follow the instructions here.

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