How do I Assign Groove Licenses to Salesforce Users?

After your trial period has ended, you must assign Groove licenses explicitly to the users that want to use Groove.

In order to assign a Groove license to one or more users you have two options:

Method 1 (preferred): Assign Licenses from the Groove Org Management Console 

The reason why this method is preferred is that you can assign licenses while you are still in the trial period (where you have a site license and all users can use Groove). 

Assigning licenses during the trial period means that everything will work seamlessly when the trial period ends.

  1. Go to this page. (Note: if you can't access the previous page, you don't have Salesforce system admin privileges, which is required to manage licenses)
  2. In the page Manage My Organization: Select the users you want to assign a license to. Click Actions > Assign Licenses 

3. Select the correct License(s) for these users

Note: The page Manage My Organization only displays users that are active in your Salesforce org. In some cases, a user that was made inactive still has a license assigned to them, and you can't un-assign the license since the inactive user is not displayed in this page. In order to un-assign the license, go to Salesforce and follow the instructions below in Method 2.

Groove License Management by Non-SFDC-Admins

Salesforce system administrators can assign Groove User Roles to Groove users in the Groove user management page. If a user has been assigned the Groove role "Groove Admin", the user can also create teams and assign users to teams. They can also view all Groove users and their license status but they cannot assign Groove licenses to users by default (due to the lack of the respective permission in Salesforce). If you have a user that is a Groove admin but not a Salesforce system administrator, but you still want them to be able to assign Groove licenses, you must grant them the respective permissions in Salesforce first:

  • Create a permission set (e.g. call it "Manage Package Licenses") and add the system permission "Manage Package Licenses". 
  • Assign the permission set to all users that you want to be able to assign Groove licenses. Remember to also assign the Groove role "Groove Admin" so they have access to the Groove user management page.

Method 2. Assign Licenses from the Salesforce UI

  1. In Salesforce go to Setup and find the item Installed Packages
  2. Find the row that says Groove and click Manage Licenses
  3. On the Package Details page click  Add Users in order to pick and add licenses
  4. Alternatively you can also un-assign licenses by clicking the button Remove in the respective row

Purchasing Additional Licenses

To add more licenses to your account, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go here
  2. Click 'Add Licenses'
  3. Choose how many licenses you would like to add 
  4. Assign the licenses to users by following the above instructions

Note 1: All users must have a Core license in order to be granted any add on licenses (Flow Unlimited, Dialer, and SMS)

Note 2
: If you would like to add a license for an add-on you have not purchased before (i.e. Dialer), please email

Logging in as a User

Classic Interface

Groove allows admins to login as users so that they can audit templates/flows. Admins can login as users by doing the following:

  1. Go here.
  2. Click 'Login as user' on the user you wish to login as:

Beta Interface

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