Groove allows you to assign roles to your users, based on what you'd like them to have access to.

Giving managers and users insights into which content is working makes your sales organization more effective and in this article we'll learn how to control the visibility of analytics.

Note: All of the following settings can be configured by Salesforce/Groove admins on this page.

More Details on Roles

You can control the visibility of analytics based on the role you assign to users.

Here are the different roles you can assign to users:

  • Standard user (default): Can create templates and flows and share them with others.

  • Team Lead: Can create master flows and view analytics for Groove teams they are on.

  • Analyst: Can create master flows and view analytics for the whole organization.

  • Groove Admin: Can do all of the above, and also create teams, users and assign users to teams.

Now, depending on their role, these users will be able to access the analytics for their different teams on this page.

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