Installing and Setting up Groove

Step by step instructions for setting up Groove

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Installing the Chrome extension

The best way to install the Chrome extension and set up Groove is to go through our set up wizard here. Below is a short explanation of all of the options and functionality of Groove.

With email open tracking, you'll know the second someone opens your email or clicks on a link

This feature is great for experimenting with different subject lines to see which gets the most opens/clicks/replies.

Track Emails by default

We highly recommend that everyone enables this.

Note: Internal emails will not be tracked for opens

We caution users when enabling this option, as it may make your email more likely to end up in your customer's spam folder. This usually only happens if you are emailing a larger company with advanced spam filtering and most of the time tracking links isn't going to cause your email to end up in the spam folder.

After you've enabled email open tracking, go ahead and send your first tracked email to

Never worry about logging your emails to Salesforce again. By enabling automatic email sync, all inbound and outbound emails will automatically get logged back to the correct lead/contact/account/opportunity in Salesforce for you.

Similar to Email Sync, Calendar Sync will make sure all of your calendar events are automatically logged back to Salesforce (we look at the invitee list to determine the leads/contacts/opportunities to log the event to).

We highly recommend you enable both email and calendar sync.

Note: Emails and events not related to a Lead/Contact in Salesforce should not be logged to Salesforce, depending on how your Admin has configured Groove. Ask your Admin or us if you want to confirm your organization's configuration.

Groove email logging makes it easy to have your emails synced back to Salesforce! More info can be found here.

Flow is a multi touch cadence solution that can help you manage and automate your sales processes. If you'd like to receive a daily digest email with those due for action that day, check Send me a Daily Digest Email.

Congratulations, you've gotten Groove all set up! Here are some more things you can do with Groove:

Remembering to follow up with a customer can be hard, but Groove Reminders make it simple! You can set reminders when you send or receive emails all without ever having to leave your inbox.  More info can be found here.

Groove Scheduler allows you to easily book meetings with customers without the back and forth of finding a time that works.

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