Groove Flows allow you to import leads and contacts based on a CSV lookup file. This means you upload a CSV file that contains a list of Salesforce records.

Note: CSV Lookup won't create/import new records in Salesforce. It's sole purpose it to find existing records by email address or Salesforce ID and then adding the found contacts/leads to your Flow.

The purpose of this feature is for you to download a report from Salesforce (as CSV file), apply any sophisticated filtering and cherry pick the contacts and/or leads you want to import. Then, Groove will find the respective Salesforce records and add them to your Flow.

In this article, we will cover:


Format of Your CSV File

  1. Your CSV file must have either a column containing the respective Salesforce IDs of the related records (contact, lead, account, opportunity or any custom object that has a child relationship to the contact object) or a column with the email address of the respective lead/contact you want to lookup in Salesforce and add to your Flow.

  2. The first row is ignored as we assume this row contains the column headers. There is no special format for the column header as Groove will detect the right column by analyzing your data.

  3. The format of the CSV file should be UTF-8. Details on how to convert/save your CSV as UTF-8 can be found here.


Process for Importing via CSV

Follow these steps in order to import contacts and leads via CSV Lookup

  1. In the Flow details page click on "Add People"

  2. In the "Add people via..." screen open the tab CSV Lookup

  3. Upload a CSV file that either contains at least one column containing Salesforce IDs of leads/contacts/accounts/opportunities or a column containing email addresses

  4. Groove then scans the file and detects columns that contain email addresses or Salesforce IDs. It will then suggest a lookup column.

  5. Pick one of the suggested lookup columns and select from the Salesforce objects that Groove suggests.

  6. Click the button Search. Groove will then find all records in Salesforce that match your selection of lookup column and Salesforce object.

  7. In the search result select the contacts/leads you want to add to your Flow.


Adding Contacts/Leads That Don't Exist in Salesforce

Since everything you do in a Flow is tracked back to Salesforce, the contacts/leads you are adding must exist in Salesforce first. We understand that some organizations' processes may call for the ability to add contacts/leads that don't exist in Salesforce but at the moment this is not supported. 

We believe that all activity with a customer should be kept up to date in Salesforce, that way, internally, you know the past communication you've had with that customer. 

If you need advice on how to change your current process to work with Groove or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

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