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Know When a Customer Opens Your Email
Know When a Customer Opens Your Email

With email open tracking you'll know when a customer opens one of your emails

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Email Open Tracking

You can determine who, when, and where your emails were opened using Groove's email open tracking. You can toggle back and forth between "tracked" and "untracked" emails by checking the 'Track' button in the bottom left of your Gmail Compose window. 

Automatically Track Emails

You can automatically track all emails by following the steps below:

1. Click your Groove extension in the upper right and select the Settings icon.

2. Check 'Track emails by default' and press 'Save and Close.'

Tracking Feed

A feed of all of your tracked emails lives within the Groove extension:

Here you'll see useful information like where they opened the email and if they opened the email on a desktop or mobile phone.

Note: Groove will display that 'someone' opened an email when that message was sent to multiple addresses. This is a privacy / security measure, and is standard across all email tracking softwares.

See Email Opens and Clicks from Your Inbox

Scan your inbox and hover over the Groove symbols to view your email opens and link clicks. This engagement is an aggregate of all the email opens and clicks in the email thread. You can even view if your email was replied to from a Flow!

Note: You can only be able to view them if you have email tracking on.

Seeing Opens From the Email Thread

Any emails you track, will also now have the tracking history directly in the email thread:

Note: if you don't see the Email Engagement History in your threads, it could be missing because: (1) The email wasn't tracked, (2) you are using Gmail split view,  or (3) another extension is interfering with Groove  

How do I turn off email open notifications?

You can turn off your email tracking notifications by clicking the Groove menu in your Chrome browser. Then click on the bell icon to toggle between "notifications on" and "notifications off".  


  • If you don't see the tracking option in Gmail, your admin may not have this option enabled

  • If you aren't seeing emails show up in your tracking history, you may have someone else's tracking pixel in your email signature (this can accidentally happen if you copy another co-worker's' email signature). Contact to get this fixed.

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