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Track When a Customer Clicks on a Link or Opens an Attachment in Your Email
Track When a Customer Clicks on a Link or Opens an Attachment in Your Email

Know when a customer clicks on any links in your email or opens an attachment you sent them

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Link Click/Attachment Open Tracking

You can determine when a person clicks a link or opens an attachment in a tracked email you've sent by enabling 'Track link clicks' in your Groove extension Settings. 

1. Click your Groove extension in the upper right and select the Settings icon.

2. Check 'Track link clicks' and press 'Save and Close.'

Knowing Which Link/Attachment They Clicked on

If you have multiple links/attachments in your email, you may want to know exactly which link they clicked. You can see that by doing the following:

Note: By clicking on 'Link', you will be taken to the link they clicked on.

You can also view this from directly within the email thread too:

Customers Aren't Opening/Receiving my Emails

Link click tracking can sometimes trigger a spam filter because spammers can hide unsafe URLs behind safe-looking links. This can then cause a spam filter to think the redirect link we use for tracking is unsafe. One way to help avoid this is by using descriptive text links rather than a URL. For example, use Visit Groove!, rather than

Sometimes, any type of link can look like a fraud attempt if your customer's organization has aggressive spam filtering in place. If this is a concern, we recommend leaving link tracking off.

Attachment Tracking

When you add attachments to your Groove templates, you'll be able to see when a prospect opens them!

Adding an attachment

1. Open a Groove template

2. Click the following in your editor:

3. Select a file

You should then see your attachment in the body of your template:

Seeing when someone opens an attachment

If you send your template to someone from a Flow, you'll get notified whenever someone opens the attachment. You can also see this information in the Chrome extension and email thread too:

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