By utilizing Groove's auto import and automated emails step functions with Flows your outreach can all be done automatically for you, which can help you reach out to more customers in less time.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Go here and click 'New Flow'

  2. Name the Flow and choose if you want to remove those emails that bounce or those people that reply to any email in the Flow

  3. Click 'Save & Next'

  4. Design your Flow (campaign)

  5. For this Flow, I would recommend having the first step be automated (auto-send an email)

  6. Add any additional steps and press 'Save & Next'

  7. Press 'Skip for now' on the next page

  8. Press 'Save & view this Flow' on the next page

  9. Setup auto-import for this Flow by following the instructions here.

Now, anyone meeting the criteria of your saved search will automatically be imported to this Flow and automatically receive the first email in your Flow!

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