Troubleshooting Login Issues

Solutions to the most common login issues

Written by Tom Stevenson
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This article covers issues you might be experiencing when (a) installing Groove for Gmail for the first time, (b) when switching between multiple Salesforce orgs or (c) when you have SSO (single-sign-on) in place. 

Cookies Disabled - Solution 1

The first thing you should check is whether you happen to have cookies blocked. The symptom is that the login button doesn't go away even after you thought you are logged in to Salesforce. 

Check if you have a cookie blocker active in Gmail.

If the option "Block third-party cookies and site data" is enabled, you will experience login issues. Deactivate this option or add an exception for the website "".

  1. Copy and paste the following into the Chrome navigation bar: chrome://settings/content/cookies

  2. Make sure the following is enabled:

Extension Interference - Solution 2

Sometimes other Chrome extensions interfere with Groove. This typically applies to extensions that try to block cookies for privacy reasons. If you are experiencing login issues, check out your Chrome extensions and disable all extensions. Then try logging in again to Groove. Systematically re-enable your extensions and try Groove again until you find the extension that's blocking Groove.

You can keep such extensions enabled but you must "whitelist" Groove (and Salesforce). Most of them allow you to configure whitelists so you can tweak them respectively.

Clear SFDC Cookies - Solution 3

If Groove still won't connect you with the right Salesforce org (very rare) follow these steps:

  1. Log out of Salesforce.

  2. Delete all Salesforce cookies by opening the URL chrome://settings/content/cookies in Chrome

  3. Click 'See all cookies and site data'

4. Search for 

5. Delete all items in the search result 

6. Login to the desired Salesforce org again

7. Refresh Gmail and Google Calendar, and log in to Groove again. Groove will now connect you with the right Salesforce org.

SFDC Setup Page URL - Solution 4

In order to ensure Groove is connecting to the correct Salesforce organization please configure your setup URL by doing the following:

  1. Take the hostname of your Salesforce org. Examples are:,

  2. Append this path to the hostname: /apex/DaScoopComposer__DaScoopLogin

  3. Open the Groove Options page by right-clicking on the Groove symbol in the top right corner of your browser bar.

  4. Copy/paste the URL above into the field "Salesforce Setup Page:" 

  5. Click Save & Close. Gmail and Google Calendar will refresh. This will configure Groove to connect you with this Salesforce org in the future.

  6. Login to Groove again in Gmail. Groove will now connect you with the right Salesforce org.

Homepage Component - Solution 5

When using Groove for Gmail without being logged in to Salesforce, Groove might present you with a login button at various points in the user interface. As soon as you click on the login button, Groove will display the Salesforce login page of your Salesforce org. However in some cases Groove doesn't know what your Salesforce org is or Groove opens a login page of the wrong Salesforce org. Try the following 3 solutions.

  1. Check if your Salesforce homepage contains a component "Google Integration" (your Salesforce admin might have added it).

  2. If you see it just by opening the homepage, the issue might already be resolved since the homepage component configures Groove silently.

  3. Refresh Gmail and Google Calendar and log in to Groove again within Gmail. Groove will now connect you with the right Salesforce org.

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