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Logging meetings to Salesforce
Logging meetings to Salesforce

Make sure you're getting credit for your meetings

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After you have Groove installed, you'll notice a new toolbar in your Google Calendar when you create events. This new toolbar will help you easily log your meetings back to Salesforce. You'll notice in the above screen shot that we are:

  1. Logging this event to Salesforce

  2. Attaching it to the contact 'Michelle Perkins' and the opportunity 'Santa Monica Resort'

Note 1: Groove will automatically try to log the event to the correct location by looking at the list of guests on the event.

Note 2: If Groove didn't choose the right record to attach the event to, you can press 'Search and Select' to find the correct record.

Pro tip: Turn event logging on by default by doing the following

1. Click the extension in Chrome and press the settings icon

2. Check 'Track events in Salesforce by default' and click 'Save & Close'

3. Turn on the automatic calendar sync to have all events (even those created on your mobile phone) logged to Salesforce

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