Salesforce in Your Gmail Inbox

See Salesforce information directly in Gmail

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**This article will soon be sunset, as we are currently rolling out an upgraded Omnibar experience - please view this doc for updated information**

Groove Sidebar

With the Groove sidebar in Gmail, you can view and update Salesforce information directly from Gmail! You can also see a records activity history, log calls and meetings, and even create new records (i.e. leads and contacts)

Editing Salesforce Information

Editing Salesforce information from the sidebar is as easy as double clicking the field, updating the information, and clicking 'โœ”'.ย 

Note: If you see a ๐Ÿ”’ (lock) icon next to the field, you don't have the proper permissions in Salesforce to edit this field.

Creating New Salesforce Records

If you receive an email from a lead that doesn't yet exist in Salesforce, you can easily add them by doing the following:

Groove will also automatically try to fill in their name, email, phone, and company based on the information it finds in the email!

Note 1: If you receive an error when trying to create a new record, it may not be able to save because you haven't filled out all of the required fields, or a custom validation rule your Salesforce admin has set up is failing.

Viewing Activity History

Want to research a prospect before calling them? With Groove's activity history you can easily do that from directly within Gmail:

Pro tip: You can also search your entire activity history by pressing the ๐Ÿ” ( magnifying glass) icon in the upper right hand corner. For example, this is great for if you want to find all emails and calls that mention 'pricing.'

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