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Setting Reminders to Follow Up
Setting Reminders to Follow Up

Never forget a customer again with Groove Reminders

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Remembering to follow up with a customer can be hard, but Groove Reminders make it simple! You can set reminders when you send or receive emails all, without ever having to leave your inbox.

Setting Reminders When Sending an Email

When you're sending an email to a customer, you may want to make sure you follow up in a few days if they don't reply. Here's how you can do that with Reminders:

In the above example, we got a reminder in our inbox 2 days later because Michelle did not reply to our original email. Reminders will just show as a reply to the original email.

Note: Only you can see your reminders and your customers won't.

Setting a Reminder From a Thread

Inbound reminders are great when you receive an email and want to remind yourself to follow up or if you receive an out of office notification. Here's how you can set reminders directly from an email thread:

See Reminders Set from your Inbox

View your reminders set by hovering over the Groove symbol in your inbox. Click on the reminder to make edits to them in Groove!

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