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Scheduling When Your Emails Are Sent
Scheduling When Your Emails Are Sent

With send later, you can schedule when emails get sent

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Send Later

Send later allows you to schedule when your emails are sent! This is great when you want an email to goto a customer tomorrow morning in their time zone, but don't want to wake up at 5 a.m. in your timezone to send it. 

Scheduling your email to be sent is easy and here's how you can do it:

Canceling/Editing a Scheduled Email

Sometimes, you'll want to cancel a scheduled email from being sent (i.e. the customer replies to a previous email) and you can do that by doing the following:

1. In Gmail, click the dropdown on the Groove button and then click 'Scheduled Emails'

2. Press the 'X' next to the email you wish to cancel

3. Confirm that you would like to cancel the email

Note: Once you cancel a scheduled email, it will be moved to your Drafts folder so that you can edit it if you'd like to.

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