Have a template that you want to send to a list of customers? With a one step Groove Flow, you can easily send out a mail merge to all of these customers with just a few clicks.

Creating a Mail Merge

  1. Click on the following in Gmail and go to Flows, or go here.

2. Click the Orange + icon in the upper right hand corner

3. Name the Flow and give it a description (Note: don't worry about the 3 additional options, these are for when you want to create a multi step campaign)

4. Choose the template you want to send, or 'Create a new template'

5. Press Save & Next

6. Add people to the mail merge

7. Click 'Next' and then click  'Preview Flow'

8. You'll be taken to your Flow Details page, from where you can click on the envelope highlighted in blue in order to send your emails out.

  1. You can send each email individually or you can do this in bulk by clicking 'Send All' in the upper right hand corner 

  2. You can also schedule individual or all emails by checking the 🕛  (clock) icon next to the 'Send' and 'Send all' buttons

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