Groove's Dialer is a powerful tool that allows reps to click to call from really anywhere they are working out, whether that be Groove Flows, Salesforce or their Email. Reps are constantly required to hit their goal of calling a certain number of prospects daily, so they don't want to waste time having to manually dial numbers and log calls, and call results to Salesforce. Get Groove Dialer and call faster!

Important: You must have been provisioned a Dialer license by your admin before you will be able to set it up.

Setting Your Phone Number

  1. Go to your Dialer Settings
  2. Either verify your own personal phone number, or get a Groove phone number for the country you'd like a number for:

Verified Phone Number vs. Groove Phone Number

  • If you're using a Groove phone number, all inbound calls made back to that number from your prospects will ring your Dialer on your browser window.
  • If you're only using a Verified phone number, inbound calls made to that number would not ring your Groove Dialer; they would ring your phone directly. Additionally, because these inbound calls do not ring your Groove Dialer, those calls do not automatically log to SFDC. You can still manually log them to SFDC at any time.
  • Note: You can verify a phone number, and also use a Groove Phone number, if you'd like to switch the Caller ID on your Dialer between the two.

Additional Dialer Options

Enable Instant Dial: Allows you to make calls with out lifting a finger! If you are dialing out of Salesforce or Groove Flows, you wont have to click the call button to initiate a call. Instead it will call through numbers instantly!

Enable Bridge Dial: If you are wanting to take calls from your Desk Phone or Cell Phone, then Bridge Dialing is the way to go! Groove will use your forwarding number to make calls. Once you start a call from your computer, it will ring your forwarding number, then once you pick up that phone, it will ring the other party. 

Mute Incoming Calls: Reps can “mute” inbound calls so that they can see who called and return their call at their convenience.
-- If you have a call forwarding number set up, that will ring but your dialer will not ring.
-- If you don't have call forwarding set up, you can check the call in your Recent Calls Tab in dialer.

Note that this feature will mute all future inbound calls if the checkbox has been checked!

Additional Dialer Settings

You can Find Your Dialer Settings Here

Caller ID: Set your Groove Caller ID to either your Groove phone number, or your Verified phone number

Bridge Dialing: With this enabled, all calls made through your dialer will first ring your personal phone, which you can answer, and then it will dial out to the person you originally called. These calls will show your prospect the number that you've set in the Caller ID. Your Bridge number will match your Verified number if you have one; if not, you can enter a different phone number.

Forwarding Number: This is the number that you can have inbound calls forwarded to. For example, if someone calls your Groove Dialer number back, and you're not on your computer to receive the call, it will be forwarded to your Forwarding Number to ensure you have a chance to take the call. Your Forwarding number will match your Verified number if you have one; if not, you can enter a different phone number.

Important: If you make any changes to the settings below, make sure to Reload your Groove Dialer to ensure the changes are saved:

**For more info on how to enable dialer reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email

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