It's been a few months since our last update, but the Groove team has been busier than ever. We've built a lot of powerful features since then and have much more coming soon. Without further ado, we proudly present the February 2017 Groove product update!

Your Branded Meeting Scheduler
Groove's Meeting Scheduler already makes booking meetings with customers frictionless. Now, you can also add more of a personal touch by branding your Scheduler page with your logo and brand color. Find out more here.

Import People to Flow from Salesforce Reports
If you use Salesforce reports, you will now be able to use them to import people to a Flow. You can pick any custom report that you have created, and Groove will extract all Contacts and Leads it finds in the report. This is specifically powerful if you create joined reports where you join Accounts and Contacts based on specific filter criteria on the Account level.

This is yet another feature in Groove that allows you to communicate with the right people at the right time.


Meeting Scheduler with Hidden Email Address
Want more control over your customer relationships? Then this feature is made for you and your team. By allowing you to hide emails when scheduling a meeting, you can control who your customers can reach out to. This feature is especially great for Support Engineers and Account Executives. Learn how to set this up here.

Stay Email Compliant thanks to Groove
Groove Flow allows you to send emails to your Salesforce Contacts and Leads at scale. Now, more than ever, it's important to comply with the law if you are promoting your product or service through email. For example, the CAN-SPAM Act establishes requirements for commercial messages and gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them.

Salesforce has a dedicated flag "Email Opt Out" to reflect this. You most likely have processes in place that populates this field respectively. We have added effective mechanisms that prevent users from adding people to a Flow if they have "opted out". If a person is already in a Flow and opted out after they were added, Groove will not let the user send emails to that person.

Write Better Emails with Groove Wordsmith
Writing good sales emails is an art. We all know how hard it is to start an email conversation with the right level of brevity, explanation, call to actions, etc. And this is where Groove Wordsmith can help.

Groove has analyzed the linguistic features and other characteristics of millions of emails and how these relate to their performance. By performance, we mean the open rate, the reply rate as well as link clicks and rejections. We have then trained an artificial neural network that can analyze your email template and predict its expected performance.

Groove Wordsmith is accessible to all Groove Flow users in the template editor. It also offers suggestions on what you could improve in your email template in order to get a better response rate.

Groove Dialer with Local Presence
Groove already helps make your sales team more efficient and with our soon to be released Dialer, you can increase this efficiency even more. With Dialer, your team will be able to click-to-call and log calls directly from Gmail, Flows, and Salesforce. 

Also, with our Local Presence option, your team will be able to automatically make calls with a number that matches the area code of their customers. Thus increasing pick-ups and driving sales conversations further.

Self-Driving sales, Thanks to Auto-Email Flow Steps 

Groove Flow already offers several features that allow you to automate your sales process. Among others, you can continuously auto-import Contacts/Leads from Salesforce and you can auto-update fields in Salesforce on specific events (e.g. person was imported, person's email bounced or person replied).

Groove has now added another automation feature: Auto-Email steps. Unlike regular email steps (where you want to review each email before it is sent), an auto-email step is automatically executed as soon as the step is due for a person. You can also control at what time of the day the auto-email is sent.

Auto-Email steps are useful if you want to automate the sales communication process at a step that doesn't require manual review. A good example is an inbound lead process that feeds Leads into a Flow (e.g. using auto-import). The first email of the Flow is always sent with no need for a review.

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