The Groove team has been working furiously for the last month and as a result, we've released a lot of great new features!

New Template Editor
Email templates help save salespeople time and with Groove's new template editor, we make creating templates quick and easy. Users can now use any of the merge fields from the Contact, Lead, Account, User, and Opportunity objects directly from within our editor. The new editor has also been designed to better handle copying and pasting, thus ensuring that your emails will look correct in your recipient's email client.

Onboarding Users at Scale
Groove is designed to be easy and intuitive so that users can quickly get familiar with its core features. However, everybody has a different learning pace and ramp-up speed. That's why we have completely revamped our onboarding experience for users.

To get a new user started, system admins can simply invite them from our admin console. Once invited, users will get an email with all the information they need to get started with Groove.

Self-Service Licensing
Get new or existing employees a Groove license with ease. With our new Self-Service Licensing, Salesforce Admins can add more licenses to their organization here.

Self-driving sales, thanks to Flow auto-email steps
Unlike regular Flow email steps (where you want to review each email before it is sent), an auto-email step is automatically executed as soon as the step is due for a person.

Auto-Email steps are useful if you want to automate the sales communication process at a step that doesn't require manual review. A good example is an inbound lead process that feeds leads into a Flow (e.g. using auto-import). You could use an auto-email step to automatically send out the first email without reviewing.

People Page 

See everyone you're engaging with in one place. Groove's People Page will give you actionable insights and make it easy for you to find out who you should be targeting and who's gone cold.

Groove Dialer with Local Presence
Groove Dialer, helps your team become even more efficient. With Dialer, your team will be able to click-to-call and log calls directly from Gmail, Flows, and Salesforce. 

Also, with our Local Presence option, your team will be able to automatically make calls with a number that matches the area code of their customers. Thus increasing pick-ups and driving sales conversations further.

Email Unsubscribe
Email compliance is not just a matter of email etiquette. In the US, promotional emails must tell the recipient how they can unsubscribe from further emails. This is why we have added the option to include an Unsubscribe link in your Flow emails.

Just insert our new merge field {!Unsubscribe.Click here to unsubscribe} to your email template. Your email will then contain a personalized link for the recipient to opt-out of email communication. Groove will then update the standard field "Email Opt Out" on the respective Lead or Contact record in Salesforce.

Weekly Training Webinars
Groove now hosts weekly training webinars every Wednesday to train new users on all of Groove's features. Users can sign up for a training here.

The Groove Team

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