The Groove Team is excited to announce the start of summer and some great new features we have been working on!

People Page
View any contact or lead that you’ve engaged with! The People Page allows you to filter, sort and search for the people you are interested in. This page will help you understand who is engaging and who isn’t, so you can make a move at the right time.

Notice the bar chart which is a great indicator at a glance who is "hot" right now and how the customer's effort/engagement is trending over the last 13 weeks. You can also take action like calling, emailing or anything Flow-related.

Build a to-do list for your active opportunities. Create a list of people you want to make sure to reach out to by clicking the fire icon. Your Groove Hotlist is an easy way for you to gain insight and prioritize your activity. You can add people to your Hotlist in either Gmail, Flow, or Salesforce.

Accounts Page
Dive deeper into who you’re selling to. If you are applying account based selling (ABS), you are targeting companies – or “accounts,” rather than individual leads. Groove equips you with a holistic account view so you can discover viable accounts, personalize your outbound messaging, detect traction and understand the progress you are making.


Starred Accounts
Similar to Hotlist, Starred Accounts will allow you to efficiently select and arrange companies important to you. Quickly view the contacts you’ve connected with. In addition, gain an understanding of your analytics, engagement funnel, and data provided by Groove and Salesforce.

Groove Dialer allows your users to make phone calls from Gmail, Salesforce and Groove Flow. It's the most efficient way to make phone calls and effectively log calls in Salesforce. Groove Dialer is available with an add-on license to Groove Core, so you can purchase it for only those users that need it.

Groove Dialer also allows you to make phone calls from a number with the same area code as the number you are dialing. This feature is called called "local presence" and it leads to 50% more connected phone calls - resulting in more business.


The Groove Team

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