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Use your personal blocklist to ensure personal emails aren't getting logged to Salesforce

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Groove will already automatically ensure that no internal emails get logged to Salesforce, but if you are emailing any personal contacts from your work email, you may want to add them to your personal blocklist.

When you add an email address to your personal blocklist, any emails (inbound or outbound) and calendar events involving that person, won't get logged to Salesforce.

Adding People to Your Personal Blocklist

To add someone to your personal blocklist, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Open Gmail

  2. Compose a new email and enter the email address of the person you want to add to your blocklist

  3. Click the 3 vertical dots at the top right of your Omnibar

  4. Add the person to your personal blocklist

With this set up, any emails or events with this person will not be logged to Salesforce.

Managing your Users' Personal Blocklists

An admin may want to add a specific email address to every user's personal blocklist instead of adding the domain to the profile's blacklist in profile settings, as this provides more granular control.

The following Apex code can be used as a template for admins to manage their users' blocklists in bulk:

List<User> allUsers = [SELECT Id FROM User WHERE IsActive = true];
List<DaScoopComposer__Black_List__c> blackListRecords = new List<DaScoopComposer__Black_List__c>();
for(User user : allUsers) {
DaScoopComposer__Black_List__c blackListRecord = new DaScoopComposer__Black_List__c();
blackListRecord.Name = '';
blackListRecord.OwnerId = user.Id;
insert blackListRecords;

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