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Use Groove within the Gmail App on your Mobile Device!

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We are on a mission to bring the tools you love from Groove to every device you work out of, so that you can focus on what matters - building relationships with your customers. Reps use Groove Mobile when they are on the go and need access to core Groove functionality. In this article you will find what functionality is offered in the Groove Mobile Add-on today!

Mobile Add-on Setup

**The Groove Mobile Add-on works for both Android and iOS mobile devices**

  1. Go the the Google Market Place and Install the Groove Mobile Add-on on your Desktop here.

  2. You should be able to view the Add-on in your Gmail on your computer

3. Open up the Gmail App on your Mobile device. (You may have to refresh the app on your phone in order to get the Add-on to appear.)

4. Click on an email and scroll to the bottom to find where the Groove Add-on is located.

Email Logging

Email open tracking when sending emails via the Mobile Add-on is not supported.

There are two options for logging your emails to Salesforce through the Mobile Add-on:

  1. Allow your emails to be automatically logged through Email Background Sync set up in Groove.

  2. Manually log individual emails with the click of a button.

Manual Email Logging (Beta)

For those of you who prefer to have full control of which emails get logged back to Salesforce, you can turn off the background sync function and use the "Log Email" button to log an email to Salesforce.

The email that is currently open will be the email that gets logged to the most relevant Lead or Contact in your Salesforce.

View Record Engagement

**Note** No engagement data or record data will appear if the contact or lead is not in your Salesforce today.

You can view Contact and Account engagement for records that are related to emails in your inbox. View how many opens and clicks that particular email has received from the records involved in the email.

Click into the Contact or Account to view historic engagement data for that particular record.

Set an Email Reminder

Remind yourself to follow up on important emails while you are on the go by setting a Reminder from the Mobile Add-on.

  1. Simply click the "Set a Reminder" button found at the bottom.

  2. Select when you want Groove to give you a reminder to follow up under "Set a Reminder"

  3. Select if you want Groove to remind you ONLY if the person does not reply under "Reminder Options"

  4. Finally you can click "Set Reminder"

Reply with a Groove Template

Easily reply to people on the go with all your pre-existing Groove templates that you love. You will find all the templates that you created, as well as all the templates that have been shared with you.

  1. Simply click "Reply with Template"

  2. Select the folder in which your template can be found

  3. Select the template you want to use

  4. Click "Merge Template" and voila!! Your template will be merged with the appropriate merge fields populated.

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