Groove offers a Gmail Add-on which allows you to get contextual data on contacts, leads and accounts. It also allows you to reply to an email with any of your email templates and set reminders. We recommend to use Groove for Gmail Add-on if you want these features on your mobile phone. Since Groove for Gmail already offers these features for your desktop, Groove will deactivate the Add-on in the desktop version of Gmail.

To install the Add-on, follow these steps

1. Go here
2. In the overview window click INSTALL.

3. Open an email in Gmail (on the desktop version). The Groove icon will be displayed in a panel on the right.

4. Follow the authentication steps.

5. On your mobile phone, open Gmail open a customer email and scroll to the bottom of the email. If the email you opened relates to an account or a contact/lead that was added to a Groove Flow or your Groove Hotlist, search result are displayed.

System Requirements and Limitations

  1. The Groove Add-on only displays account/contact/opportunity and lead records that belong to a person that was added to a Groove Flow or your Groove Hotlist. It does not display data from Salesforce directly.
  2. If Account-based sales features are not enabled in your org's Groove settings, the displayed data might not be up to date. Ask your Salesforce admin or Groove admin to enable Account-based sales features so data is refreshed periodically.

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