Call quality issues

If you aren't using bridge dial, then Groove relies on your computer's internet connection and microphone/speakers to make phone calls through our VOIP provider, Twilio. Because of this, the call quality of your phone calls is dependent on your computer having a high quality internet connection and microphone/speakers.

Microphone/speaker Troubleshooting

First, we recommend you check which microphone and speaker the Groove dialer is configured to use by doing the following:

To ensure you can hear people on the other line and when you are getting an incoming call, you should click 'Test' next to each of the Speaker options.

To ensure others can hear you, speak into your microphone and make sure the bar next to the microphone icon. You can also run a comprehensive test of your speaker/mic and network setup by going here.

Network Troubleshooting

If you ever see your dialer turn red, that's how you'll know internet connectivity issues could be negatively impacting your call quality. When this happens, we recommend you turn on bridge dial so that your internet connection won't be relied on for phone calls.

To ensure your internet connection is reliable enough to handle VOIP calls, we recommend you run the following test. With the previous test, you'll want to see if Twilio indicates the network you are connected to can support at least '5 simultaneous Twilio client connection'

Bridge Dial

Even if your network passes the above test, there are still times when the quality of connection can change and you may want to enable bridge dial if you notice an issue with call quality.  When using bridge dial, your internet connection will no longer be relied on for phone calls.

Microphone access

Groove needs access to your microphone in order to make calls and if mic access was denied, you will need to do the following to start using dialer:

1. Open Dialer

2. Copy and paste chrome://settings/content/microphone into your navigation bar and unblock Groove for Gmail (note: if you don't see Groove for Gmail in the 'Block' section, please see 'Additional Mic Troubleshooting' below)

3. Click 'Request Microphone Access'

Additional Mic Troubleshooting

Solution 1 - Update chrome settings

If you didn't see Groove for Gmail in the block section above, you'll need to do the following in Gmail/Salesforce:

1. Click the following in the navigation bar

2. Click 'Request Microphone Access'

Solution 2 - Grant Groove access to your mic

If the above does not work, you may need to unblock Groove from within Chrome's content settings. Here's how:

  1. Copy and paste the following into your browser search bar: chrome://settings/content/siteDetails?site=chrome-extension%3A%2F%2Ffdkgjhmihbfpjgodmbmmmgmgnmemokda 

  2. Click on the dropdown menu to the right of 'Microphone' and change the option to Allow

Solution 3 - Ensure your computer allows Google Chrome access to your microphone

For Mac

1.  From the Mac System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, and then select the Privacy tab. The Security & Privacy window displays.

2. Select Microphone and then grant Google Chrome access to your microphone.

3.  Restart Google Chrome

Dialer Setup

If you aren't seeing the dialer, or if you're having trouble clicking the dialer, you may need to do the following to refresh your extension:

1. Right click on the Groove extension and click 'Manage Extensions'

2. Toggle Groove off and then on:

3. Refresh Gmail/Salesforce

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