Ensuring Users Have Access to Call Type in Salesforce

Learn how to grant Field-Level Security Access for the Type Field on Task in Salesforce to ensure that users are able to log calls properly.

Written by Tom Stevenson
Updated over a week ago

When users have not been granted Field-Level Security Access for the Type Field on Task, they can be prevented from being able to log calls. In order to grant this permission:

  1. Go to setup

2. Type "Task" into the quick find search without pressing enter, and select "Task Field."

3. Select the "Type" field.

4. Select "Set Field-Level Security"

5. From this Field-Level Security page, you can set which profiles while have visibility. Anyone that requires the ability to log calls from Groove will need to have visibility.

(Note - Permission will automatically be synced over night. To grant instant access have the user access this link)

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