Your Analytics page in Groove is the central hub for gaining insight into your team's overall performance, who is getting the best results from their efforts, which Flows and templates are invoking the highest levels of interaction with prospects, and much more.

If you do not have Groove Teams set up yet, we recommend creating teams and assigning Flow Roles, so that team leads can easily check their team's progress.

Team Selector

On each tab of the Analytics page, you can select individual users, teams, or a combination of both to drill into the numbers. This allows you to compare metrics across any grouping of team members.

Activity Analytics

The first section is a quick snapshot of your team's overall activities completed. Emails, Calls, and Tasks show the actions they've taken, while the Positive Conversations help you understand how the team's efforts are paying off in terms of successful phone conversations.

Here, you can get a better sense of who your most active users are, and who is not completing as many activities as their teammates.

  • Select a single user to see individual statistics, or select multiple users or teams to compare their activity metrics. 

  • Deselect a user in the table to better understand their impact

  • Sort by any of the columns to check the metrics for each activity type

Flow Analytics

This section provides a detailed history of your team's performance using their Flows. Here you can see how many Flow actions are being completed and how prospects are connecting with those efforts.

How to use this information

  • View the overall statistics of each flow, and compare them with other flows to determine which are affecting the most positive interaction -- opens, clicks, replies, and positive conversations

  • Sort by any of the columns to check which flows are performing the best in a certain category. For example, you may want to sort by the Replied column to check which flow is gaining the most responses from prospects.

  • Click on the name of a flow to drill down into the performance of each step in the flow.

  • Master Flows: Click on the name of a master flow to get analytics per step, and a breakdown by user, to check who is getting the best results from the flow.

  • *If you notice a drop off in Open rates from one step to the next, you may want to try a different subject line for the step with a lower open rate.

  • *If you notice a drop off in Response rates from one step to the next, you may want to modify the content of the template used in that step

  • With your team selected, you can drill into a Master Flow to see a breakdown by user and check who's getting the best results.

Groove curates the 'Meetings Booked' statistic by looking for Groove Flow participants who have completed any Groove Flow steps, and have a meeting booked with a Groove user in Salesforce

Template Analytics

This portion gives you an idea of how successful each email template is, whether it has been sent through Gmail or Flow. Check out the open, click, and reply rates to determine which templates are performing well, and which have room for improvement.

With a team selected, you can drill into a Shared Template to see who is sending it out the most, and how each user's prospects are responding to it.

Email Analytics

Here you can see a breakdown of how many emails your team is sending, and how compelling that messaging is to prospects. 

You can drill into each user's Email Log to see who specifically is interacting the most with your reps.

Additionally, you can compare each person's metrics to determine who on the team is sending the most overall emails, and who is sending the most engaging material.

Call Analytics

Note: All calls logged through Groove Flow 'make a phone call' steps (with or without Groove Dialer) will be included in the Call Analytics. Additionally, all calls logged through Groove Dialer, on Groove Flow, SFDC, or Gmail will be included in the Call Analytics.

View an assessment on your team's cold calling and phone communication skills. Quickly scan the metrics on total calls, conversation rate, and positive conversation rate, then drill down for the specifics. You can also jump into a user's Call Log to review conversation details by prospect, and use the search bar or sort columns to filter the folks that were called.

You can use that information to determine which reps have the highest positive conversation rate, to shape processes around those pitches or techniques.

Process Analytics

View a diagnosis on how closely your team is sticking to their Flow schedules. Similar to the Process Analytics* users see on their Flow Analytics tab, this section shows you new people started, steps completed, steps completed on time, and steps skipped.

How to use this information:

  • New People Started: Leads or Contacts who have been added to a Flow and completed at least one step.

  • Steps Completed: All Flow steps completed, except for auto-send email steps.

  • Steps Completed on Time: Steps that were completed early or on the day that they were due.

  • Steps Skipped: Flow steps that were skipped.

Downloading analytics

You can also download our analytics to a CSV by clicking on the following button:

Start checking out your team's performance here!

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