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Sharing Templates With Your Team
Sharing Templates With Your Team

Collaborate on what you're writing and saying to prospects to get the best results

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Collaboration, consistency, and continuous improvement are key to maximizing positive results and making better connections. That’s why Groove allows you to easily collaborate with your team on consistent messaging that your clients respond well to, using shared template folders. 

There are a few different ways that shared templates empower you and your team to increase engagement from the folks you are reaching out to:

  • Share your own templates that are getting high open, reply, and click rates, so that your team can utilize messaging that has been proven successful

  • Share your folders with individual users, Groove Teams, or your entire organization

  • Decide who has access to add to and edit the template folder you’re sharing; any edits to a shared folder will be visible everyone who has access

  • Once the folder is shared, you can then share the URL with your teammates for quick access

  • View the open, click, and reply rates of templates that have been shared with you, so that you and your team can continually refine them and increase their performance.

  • Create duplicates of templates that have been shared with you, so that you can customize them to reflect your personal communication style, while keeping the original intact. 

Your team can use shared templates directly in Gmail, or within Groove Flow steps.

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