When dealing with hundreds or even thousands of prospects, it can be difficult to track your team's progress in terms of communicating with all of them. You can configure the following below, to check in SFDC who is currently part of a Groove Flow, and who isn't.

1. In Salesforce, create a custom checkbox field on the Contact and Lead objects, called "In Groove Flow"

2. In Groove, create an Automated Action, either on each Flow, or on a Global level (recommended), to update that field. 

  • Trigger: On Import, Action: Update a Salesforce field; update that newly created field "In Groove Flow" to "True"

  • This way every time you import someone to a flow, that checkbox will be checked

3. In Groove, create another Automated Action (either on the Flow level or Global level) to update that same field:

  • Trigger: On Complete, Action: Update a Salesforce field: update that field "In Groove Flow" to "False"

  • Important: If you also have an Automated Action which removes people from the flow when someone replies, you'll also want to create an Automated Action "On Reply" to Update a Salesforce field, the "In Groove Flow" field to "False"

  • This way when your contacts/leads go through the entire flow or are removed due to a reply, that checkbox will become unchecked again

With this set up, you can run a report on that field (to find all contacts/leads currently in a flow, you'd be looking for the folks where "In Groove Flow" is true).

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