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Configuring an Email Alias for Your Flows
Configuring an Email Alias for Your Flows

Sending "From" a different email address than your own

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If you'd like to send your Groove Flow emails from a separate email address than the one your Groove account is connected to, you can set up an alias. This is helpful for if you'd like the emails to appear as if they're coming from a group or team email address, if you'd like to send emails on behalf of someone else, or if you simply have multiple email addresses you'd like to use.

You have the options of setting up a global alias (which applies to all flows) or a per-flow alias (which applies only to the flow you set it for). Whenever you are using an alias, Groove also pulls in the signature for that email alias and attaches that to the bottom of your email.

Below is how you would set that up!

Note: The alias features currently apply only to G-Suite customers



Configuring a Global Flow Alias

If you set up a global flow alias, this is the email address that will be used to send all of your Flow emails, by default. In the sections below you will learn how to set up an alias per flow, which overrides your global flow alias.

Gmail Setup

  1. Go to your Gmail settings, and navigate to the Accounts section

  2. Click 'Add another email address' and connect the additional account to this Gmail account

  3. Save your Gmail settings

Groove Setup

  1. Go to your Groove Account Settings

  2. Include an email alias which matches with the additional email address in your Gmail settings

With this set up as shown above, all of your Groove Flow emails will be sent "From" the alias, and all replies will also go to the alias inbox. In order to switch back to your original email address, simply remove the alias from your Groove account settings, and click the checkbox to save.

Configuring an Alias per Flow

If you'd like to use a different email address per flow, you can set that up in the following way:

  1. Open any flow that you are using, and click the 3 vertical dots on the top right

  2. Click Email Alias. You will see a popup which allows you to choose between the aliases that you have set up in your Google account settings. By default, the selected alias will either be the email address set up with your Groove account, or your Global Alias if you have one set up.

  3. Choose an email alias, and Save.

Now, all emails sent from this flow will use this alias by default.

Switching your email address while sending email

If you'd like to switch the email address you're using when sending emails, you can do so from within a flow step or actions. This works very similarly to choosing a different email address while sending directly from Gmail:

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