If you'd like to send your Groove Flow emails from a separate email address than the one your Groove account is connected to, you can set up an alias. This is helpful for if you'd like the emails to appear as if they're coming from a group or team email address, if you'd like to send emails on behalf of someone else, or if you simply have multiple email addresses you'd like to use. Below is how you would set that up!

Gmail Setup

  1. Go to your Gmail settings, and navigate to the Accounts section
  2. Click 'Add another email address' and connect the additional account to this Gmail account
  3. Save your Gmail settings

Groove Setup

  1. Go to your Groove Account Settings
  2. Include an email alias which matches with the additional email address in your Gmail settings

With this set up as shown above, all of your Groove Flow emails will be sent "From" the alias, and all replies will also go to the alias inbox. In order to switch back to your original email address, simply remove the alias from your Groove account settings, and click the checkbox to save.

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