What is a Master Flow?

A Master Flow is the perfect way for a team to send consistent messaging, with a personal touch from each rep. It allows multiple people to use the exact same flow by adding their own contacts or leads to it and executing the actions. 

Why might I use a Master Flow?

  • Streamline team communication with prospects and target accounts

  • Collaborate on the most effective messaging

  • View detailed analytics on who is getting the best results with the Master Flow (Admins, Analysts, and Team Leads)

Setting up a Master Flow

  1. Create the flow, with templates that the whole team can build off of while reaching out to their prospects

  2. Share it out as a Master Flow:

  • Click on the 👥 icon at the top right of your flow

  • Share this flow with: whichever users or teams you'd like to give access to, and decide whether they have add/edit access

  • Click Advanced Sharing Settings, and switch from an Individual Flow to a Master Flow

  • Click Share

Finding a Master Flow

Whether you've created the flow or it has been shared with you, you can add your own contacts/leads to the flow at any point, and execute the actions as your own.

If you created the flow, it will be one of your Active flows, and if it was shared with you, you can find it in your Shared flows section. There will also be an indicator showing which shared flows are Master Flows, and which are Individual Flows.

Note: While there are people in a Master Flow that was shared with you, it will show up under your Shared flows and your Active flows.

Adding people to a Master Flow

Option A: Manually importing people

Just as you do with any of your other flows, you can add people to a Master Flow at any time, through Groove, Gmail, or Salesforce:

Option B: Automatically importing people

The owner of the flow, or anyone who has edit access to it, can set up auto-import for a Master Flow. The auto-import settings will apply to everyone that the flow is shared with (each user cannot set up their own individual auto-import).

Auto Assign Owner

Additionally, you can choose to auto-assign people to the corresponding contact or lead owner or use a custom lookup field from the Salesforce Report you have selected for Auto-import. You can select a field from the report as long as they are lookup fields that references a Salesforce user similar to contact/lead owner.

In the selected report above, SDR is a field in the Salesforce Report that is a lookup field:

If your lookup field is not showing up in the dropdown of fields, check to make sure that the field value is not null for the first few rows in your report.

With the auto-import set up as shown above, each user doesn't need to keep looking for their prospects to import, and they can execute the actions in the flow as more folks get added to their version of it.

Executing the Actions

Once you have people active in your Master Flow, each user can execute the due actions just like they would for any other flow. 

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