In addition to your Groove analytics, we capture some supplemental data on each Task, Contact, and Lead so that you have a comprehensive picture of the communication between your team and your prospects/clients.

You can surface these data points in Salesforce, so that your team can view them while on Salesforce or maybe even in your Omnibar so folks can check out the information wherever they're working. Additionally, the fields below provide much more insights within your Salesforce reports.

Task Data

Groove installs some of these fields when you install our managed package in Salesforce, but you can also add additional fields to have even more data synced back to Salesforce.

By default, Groove will populate the following Task fields below. You can add them to your Task Page Layout so that you and your team can view them:

The fields below need to be created as activity custom fields in Salesforce before this information will start syncing there:

Note 1 : the above Flow and Template Name fields will sync data back with the following format: [Id of the flow/template] :: [name of the flow/template]

Note 2: The fields above currently populate from email steps in your flows, or templated emails sent from Gmail. Groove will be adding support for the other Flow step types to populate the above fields in SFDC.

Note 3: Groove will start syncing this information back to newly created tasks within 24 hours after the fields have been created in Salesforce.

Lead/Contact Data

Note: this functionality is currently in beta, please contact if you would like early access

If you would like to have additional email information synced back to leads and contacts in Salesforce, you can do that by creating the following fields on both the lead and contact objects in Salesforce:

Once the above fields have been created, Groove will start syncing this information back to Salesforce within 24 hours.

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