Call Coaching

Jump on live calls with your users to listen in or provide guidance while they're on the line

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Note: This feature requires additional configuration on Groove's end. Please reach out to or your CSM if you'd like to have it enabled.

Call Coaching allows a Groove admin or team lead to listen in on any user's ongoing Dialer phone calls, join the call to speak with the prospect, or "whisper" to their team member so that they can provide real-time advice.

Requirements for Call Coaching

  • Only a Groove admin or a Team Lead can listen in to calls

  • Admins and Team Leads can only listen to calls made by Standard Users

  • Both the Standard User and the Team Lead/Admin who is "coaching" must have a Dialer license

  • Bridge Dialing must be enabled for the user whose call you want to join

  • The Standard User must be on a Groove team (the admin/team lead must select a team or multiple teams whose calls to join)

  • The Standard User must be on the same Groove team as their team lead

Joining Calls

  1. Select one or more Groove teams to view active bridge calls being made by users on that team:

2. The table will update to show active bridge calls that are underway, and will hide ended calls, all in real time. Choose an active call to start listening to:


  • Join the call to be connected to both parties, as if you were conferenced in

  • Whisper to your own teammate; the user whose call you're listening to would be the only person that can hear what you say

  • Leave the call to return to the table of active bridge calls. If a user ends a call before the admin or team lead leaves it, the call will also close for the person who joined

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