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Choose different templates and track progress for your email steps to maximize results

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Creating Email Templates and Subject Lines is an art, and it takes a lot of trial and error to concoct the right formula that will maximize engagement with your prospects. Simple changes like removing one or two words from a subject line, can captivate your prospects in a whole different way. A/B Testing in Groove Flows allows you to test out variations of email templates and subject lines to improve your open, click and reply rates - until you pinpoint the most successful option.

How to Build A/B Tests for Your Email Steps

To start adding template variations, simply, click on the 3 dots to the right of an email step, and choose 'Add Template'. 

You can select up to 4 additional templates (5 total on the step) to use as variations.

Once you've set up your alternative templates, you can jump into the email step to check out your A/B tests in action. Groove will divide up your prospects for you, so that there's an equal amount of people who will receive template A, template B, and so on. 

You can adjust templates assigned by Groove if you'd like, by clicking on 'Change Template' within your step!

In Flow workstep:

In Actions:

Track Performance

Within the People section of your Flow, you can breakdown the analytics of your A/B tests:

Constantly Test and Refine

It takes minimal effort to conduct A/B tests. So as a best practice, do it often and across all your Flows. Consistent testing and refining can allow you to acquire a profound understanding of your prospects and the best way to communicate to them in the future.

Open Rate vs Reply Rate

Remember the open rate of your email is often the result of the subject line while the reply rate is often the result of the body of your email. Start by A/B testing the open rate of your first email by changing the subject lines. Analyze what kind of impact that can make on your prospects.

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