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Learn how to assign licenses, update user settings, and ensure that your team is set up for success

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In your Users table within Groove's Manage My Org settings, you can make sure your Groove users are all set up for success. Here, you can update licenses, teams, roles, and other settings for your team.

License Management

After your trial period has ended, you must assign Groove licenses explicitly to the users that want to use Groove.

You are able to assign Core licenses to users in Salesforce, but we recommend assigning licenses directly from Groove. Assigning licenses during the trial period means that everything will work seamlessly when the trial period ends.

Additionally, it is much easier to assign the correct licenses to your users, whether that is a Core, Flow, Dialer, and/or SMS license.

Note: You must be a Salesforce admin to assign licenses, unless non-SFDC admins are given the Salesforce permission set called "Manage Package Licenses" and the Groove Role of "Admin."

Assigning Licenses to new Groove Users

  1. Go to this page and select 'Users'. (Note: if you can't access this page, you don't have Salesforce system admin privileges, which is required to manage licenses)

  2. If you are adding new users who have not yet set up their Groove accounts, click 'Import SFDC Users' and search for those users by name or email. This will show you a list of all users in your Salesforce organization. You can select one or multiple users to add to Groove.

3. Click Next, then decide which licenses to assign to the users you're adding to Groove. If you'd like to send them a "Getting Started with Groove" setup email, check the box a the bottom of the screen. Click Finish to assign the licenses out, so that your team can get started on Groove!

  • Core License: required to use Groove.

  • Flow Unlimited License: users are able to execute Flow actions

  • Dialer License: users can use the Dialer feature to make/ log outbound calls and receive inbound calls.

  • SMS License: users can send SMS via the Dialer.

Assigning/Modifying Licenses for existing Groove Users

  1. Select one or multiple users to manage their license

  2. Click the "Actions" button and click "Manage Licenses"

  3. Assign or Un-assign licenses to individual users. Or select them all to assign or un-assign in bulk! **Click the Actions button to the bottom right to either assign or un-assign the license. 

  1. In Salesforce go to Setup and find the item Installed Packages

  2. Find the row that says Groove and click Manage Licenses

  3. On the Package Details page click  Add Users in order to pick and add licenses

  4. Alternatively you can also un-assign licenses by clicking the button Remove in the respective row

Note: In some cases, a user that was made inactive still has a license assigned to them, and you can't un-assign the license since the inactive user is not displayed in this page. In order to un-assign the license, refer to the instructions above.

Logging in as a User

Groove allows admins to login as users so that they can audit templates and check progress on flows they are using. Admins can login as users by clicking on their profile picture (from anywhere in Groove), and selecting Login as user. Simply search for a user's name, email address, or Salesforce ID to login as a user of your choosing.

To log back into your own account, simply click the profile picture in the top right corner again, and select Log back in as myself

Viewing and Updating User Settings

Viewing relevant information on your users' accounts

You are able to customize the display in your Users page, by selecting or deselecting the columns as shown below:

  • License columns: Yes/No, based on whether the user has that license

  • Email Throttling: The max amount of Flow emails a user can send out in a day. Learn More

  • Teams: Which Groove teams the user is on, comma separated

  • Role: The Groove role of each user (standard, analyst, team lead, admin)

  • Flow Enabled: Yes/No, based on whether the user can use Groove flows

  • Email/Calendar Sync: Yes/No, based on whether the user has those settings enabled

  • Call Recording: The user's call recording setting (Optional, Enforced, or Disabled) - Dialer Customers only

  • Status: The user's current status based on the following descriptions:




User has been assigned a core license but has not yet gone through the setup and onboarding steps on either Groove Chrome Extension or Groove Outlook Add-In


User has a core license and has completed all of the following setup and onboarding steps:

Google users:

  • installed the Groove Chrome Extension

  • logged in to the Groove extension at least once and successfully connected their Salesforce account with Groove

Microsoft users:

  • installed the Groove Chrome Extension

  • installed the Groove Outlook Add-In

  • logged in to the Groove extension at least once and successfully connected their Salesforce account with Groove

  • logged in to Outlook and successfully connected their Salesforce account with Groove Outlook Add-In


User's core license has been revoked


User has become inactive due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Inactive user in SFDC

  • Inactive user in Gmail/Outlook

  • DWA account failure

  • No license assigned

  • Managed Package has expired

Updating User Settings

You can update User settings, by selecting users and clicking Actions on the top right.

  • Update Teams: Update which Groove teams a user is on

  • Update Role: Users can be Standard Users, Analysts, Team Leads, and admins. Learn More

  • Assign Licenses: Assign/remove user licenses

  • Update Flow Settings: Disable or re-enable the use of Groove Flows

  • Set Email Throttle Max: Set a maximum amount of Flow emails the user can send out on a daily basis. Learn More

  • Update Call Recording Settings: *For Dialer customers only

  1. Optional: The user can choose which phone calls to record

  2. Enforced: All calls made into states or regions without two-party consent will be recorded

  3. Disabled: No calls made by the user will be recorded

  • Deprovision Dialer Numbers: Remove a user's Groove phone number (mainly used if the rep would like to switch to a phone number in a different territory). *For Dialer customers only

  • Update Email/Calendar Sync: Enable or disable email/calendar sync for users

  • Check Connection Status: Check if the selected users are currently connected to Salesforce and their Google/Microsoft account

  • Export Selected Users as CSV: Export user settings and license information

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