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Purchase additional licenses, remove licenses from Deactivated Users and configure settings that apply to your entire Groove organization

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On this page, you can check license allotment for each of the license types that you have. Additionally, you can click the Add Licenses button to purchase more licenses for your team at any time. If you have any questions regarding license pricing or otherwise, please reach out to

As well as purchasing more licenses, you can see if there are any users that are Deactivated Users holding any licenses and remove those licenses from them. By removing a license from a Deactivated User, you will free up that license to use for another user. Please review all license removals from deactivated users in case someone’s email account or Salesforce account was accidentally deactivated

Note: A Deactivated User is no longer active on Groove - their email account or Salesforce account may have been deactivated. Learn more about user status' here.

Salesforce Service Account/Domain Wide Enablement

Domain Wide Enablement is a method of ensuring that emails and calendar events will get logged from Google to Salesforce for the users that you as the admin choose. The Salesforce service account will be the SFDC user that "logs" these emails and calendar events to Salesforce, without relying on each users' settings and Google/SFDC connection. 

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