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  1. Auto-log all calls in Salesforce: Groove will automatically log all calls made through Dialer to Salesforce, and relate them to the correct lead, or contact/opportunity pair. This includes both inbound and outbound calls. The user does not need to explicitly click log, but can include their own notes in order to update the logged call. This ensures data accuracy for all calls going through Dialer.
  2. Display the field "Call Results" in the call log window: We recommend keeping this enabled. This will make sure that the Call Results dropdown shows up for your users so they can properly log calls, their statuses, and notes
  3. Make the Call results field required: This makes it required for your team to properly fill out a call log, and note the result of the call.

Customizing Call Statuses and Outcomes - how calls get logged to Salesforce

When your team is logging calls to Salesforce (with or without Groove's Dialer), the results of these calls get mapped back to Salesforce. You can configure where these call results will be found in Salesforce using the Call Settings section in Manage My Org.

Option 1 (Default): Use the native 'Call Result' field in SFDC

By default, Groove logs 'Call Result' to the native 'Call Result' (Field name: CallDisposition) field in SFDC. If you'd like your calls to log to Call Result, there is no additional action that needs to be taken to set this up. 

The Call Status (Conversation vs. No Conversation) as well as the Conversation Outcome get paired together in one field, Call Result. In this case, the Call Status is 'Conversation' and the Conversation Outcome is 'Call in 3 months' but the Conversation Outcome is the value that will be displayed in Salesforce.

Option 2: Map to activity custom fields

You can also have the Call Status and Conversation Outcome mapped back to separate fields in Salesforce so that you can run reports on Conversation vs. No Conversation, and reports on the Conversation Outcomes themselves.

In order to set this up, you will need to do the following: 

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup | Customize | Activity Custom Fields
  2. Create 2 picklist Activity Custom Fields; we recommend naming them "Call Status" and "Conversation Outcome"
  3. Make sure Restrict picklist to the values defined in the value set. is unchecked
  4. Click here to refresh your SFDC data if you just created these fields
  5. Go here.
  6. Make sure 'Display the field "Call Results" in the call log window' is checked
  7. Choose the fields you just created in Salesforce for Call Status and Conversation Outcome

Now when your team logs calls, the status and outcome will be mapped back to these two newly created fields:

Adding Custom Values

If you would like to add to the Conversation Outcome fields that are shown while logging a call, you can do that by going here and clicking 'Add  New Outcome':

You can also use the Pencil or the Trash-can icon next to the existing outcomes to edit or delete them.

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