Local Dial/Phone Numbers

When using the Groove dialer,  your team can enable a feature called local dial that allows your reps to mirror the area code of the number they're dialing out to.


  • You can purchase 1 phone number per area code that you're calling into

  • Each phone number costs $1/month

You can purchase the numbers available to your team in local dial in two ways:

1. Auto-purchase numbers

With this option turned on, numbers will automatically be purchased when users turn on the Local Dial feature on their end. We'll automatically add a phone number for your team to use, if you don't already have a phone number for the area code that rep is dialing into.

2. Purchase local phone numbers

Select "Add Phone Numbers" to choose a few numbers with area codes that users can use when using Local Dial. This option allows you to control how many and which local dial numbers are being purchased and used! $1/month/phone number!

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