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Tracking Emails for Opens, Clicks and Replies
Tracking Emails for Opens, Clicks and Replies

Get notified when someone engages with the email you send them

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Groove's integration in your Outlook inbox allows you to track when someone opens your emails, clicks a link in your emails, or replies to any of your emails. This means that you'll get a desktop notification as well as a live feed of all of these events.

*Both Outlook web and desktop users can follow the process below to send tracked emails. There are slight differences in where the options show up in both web and desktop, which are explained below*

Setting up Your Desktop Notifications

  1. In your Outlook inbox, open the Groove add-in if it is currently closed. 

  • Users on Outlook Web App can open any email thread, and click the Groove icon in your Toolbar. If you have not included Groove in your Toolbar, you will need to click the 3 dots to the right hand side, and click Groove at the bottom of the menu

  • Users on Outlook desktop can click Open Groove in their Outlook Ribbon:

2. Click Email Tracking to open up your Email Activity Feed. Click Got it, then Allow Notifications. You will now receive desktop notifications when your prospects open emails, and the notifications will also show up on your Email Activity Feed. Leave your feed open, and send your first tracked email! (Described below)

*You may need to login to Groove the first time you open your Activity Feed if you have not yet logged in, so that your Groove, Salesforce, and Outlook accounts are synced up.

Sending Your First Tracked Email

  1. Open a new message in Outlook

  2. In the To: box, input Draft a message to our team, but don't send it just yet! You can also draft a message to a personal email address of yours to check out the notifications when you open that one.

  3. 3a. Web Users: Open Groove by clicking the Groove icon in your Message Surface. If it's not there, you can open it by clicking the 3 dots and selecting Open Groove.

3b. Desktop Users: Click Open Groove in the ribbon at the top:

4. If you have enabled Email tracking by default, the box to Track Email Activity should be checked. Otherwise, you can check the box to track this specific email. *If you'd like to update your default settings, click the Settings icon at the bottom right of your add-in!

*If you have Link Tracking enabled as well, you can try inputting a link into your email as well, to check out the notification when someone clicks on that link

5. Click Send With Groove. If you sent the email to a personal email address, wait for at least 15 seconds before opening it in that account.

Once the email is opened, you'll receive notifications in a few different ways so that you don't miss it!

How Do I Get Notified of Opens, Clicks and Replies?

When your tracked email is opened, a link in a tracked email is clicked, or the recipient replies, you'll receive notifications.

  1. You'll receive a desktop notification

2. You'll see a red number in your Groove Add-In displaying how many unread notifications you have:

3. If you click Email Tracking, or the desktop notification, you'll be directed to this page, where you'll see a live feed of all notifications

4. In each thread, you'll see the "Email Engagement" for that specific thread:

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