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Inserting Templates in Your Outlook Emails
Inserting Templates in Your Outlook Emails

Save time by using email templates which automatically populate with the client's Salesforce data using merge fields

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Groove templates help you insert saved messaging to your emails so that you don't need to copy/paste or retype all the information you normally send to prospects and clients. Additionally, you can include merge fields from Salesforce in your templates, (along with fallbacks) to personalize each email you send out. For example, you can include {!firstname}, {!company}, or any standard/custom fields from Salesforce from the Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, Case, or custom object:

Using Templates from your Inbox

*Both Outlook web and desktop users can follow the process below to send tracked emails. There are slight differences in where the options show up in both web and desktop, which are explained below*
1. In Outlook, open a new message

2. In the To: box, include a recipient who is a lead or contact in Salesforce; ideally, a test/dummy lead or contact in your Salesforce
3a. Users on Outlook web: Open Groove by clicking the Groove icon in your Message Surface. If it's not there, you can open it by clicking the 3 dots and selecting Open Groove.
3b. Users on Outlook desktop: Open Groove by clicking Open Groove in the Top Ribbon
4. Click Templates. Alternatively, you can click Add Template after clicking the Groove icon (Outlook web users), or Add Template in the Top Ribbon (Outlook desktop users):

5. In the Templates window, you can view, create, edit, delete, and use templates. If you'd like to manage or share your templates with teammates, you can click Manage Templates at the bottom left:

6. In this case, let's find Sample Template (Email 1). Notice that there are a few Salesforce merge fields in this template. Click Use Template:

Screen Recording 2021-05-24 at AM

7. You should see a personalized email ready to go with the person's details from Salesforce!

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