Groove’s New and Improved Navigation!

Groove prides itself on being the most intuitive, easy-to-use sales engagement platform on the market. With today’s release, our interface has evolved to an even more intuitive, modern look and feel. 

Here is what Groove’s interface looks like today:

Here is Groove’s new and improved UI:

We have also moved access to the Settings Page underneath your user profile in the upper right hand corner so that it’s easier to find and access:

Introducing Groove Shortcuts!

Now you too can become a Groove power user with these handy keyboard shortcuts. Use them to quickly flip between features, products and pages!

  • Home = g+h
  • Flows = g+f
  • Actions = g+a+x
  • Templates = g+t
  • Accounts = g+a+c
  • People = g+p
  • Analytics = g+a+n
  • Space = g+s+p 
  • Settings = g+s+e
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