Actions delivers users the power to organize their workflow in one place and take action on all due steps across all active Flows! This is a quick and efficient way to complete day to day tasks with just a few clicks. __________________________________________________________________

Actions via the Web App

Actions via Gmail and Salesforce


Actions via the Web App

There are countless ways that user can go about organizing and grouping their Actions page to better fit their day to day processes. This doc will walk you through some quick and easy steps to accelerating your communication with prospects and customer by helping you to complete your active Flow Actions in no time!


Filter based on various conditions in order to view what you want to work on at the moment. You can filter by:

  • Type: this includes every kind of step type that can be created in a Flow. This includes Email, Call, LinkedIn Connect and InMails, SMSs and more. This can be very useful for instance if you want to filter your Flow actions by all call steps so you can make all your calls across all flows before moving on to email steps.

  • Source: this filter will allow you to source your actions from either Flows or any Spaces that are active.

  • Due: sometimes you may want to complete all your Past Due actions before moving on to others so you can make sure you are keeping on track with your managers expectations and hitting your numbers.

  • Timezone: in some cases you may have filtered by Calls and you might find it useful to filter by timezone in order to do a call block.

The filters are "sticky" and will remain applied until you remove them and will carry over to Omnibar Action filters as well. This way, you can log into your Actions tab in and have your steps prioritized and sorted based on your previously used filters so you can hit the ground running.

Pro-Tip: Filter for all Calls in a timezone that's later on in the day so that you can make your calls while certain prospects are still in the office. Then you can filter by the earlier timezones and call the rest!

This is a great way to finish up any Flows you know are a high priority to be actioned on. Or continue your Account Based Selling efforts by targeting a specific company that you know is about to churn or perhaps are on their way to sign the closing the deal with you! Search by:

  • Flow Name

  • Company

  • Contact or Lead


Action on your steps consecutively with a few clicks by clicking the "play" button next to each step. For instance, if you are completing Email steps, then your compose box window will pop-up in the bottom right corner for you to send away! You can even have the person "skip" the step, "remove them from the flow" or schedule send the message for another time.

Note: Groove's Omnibar is always with you when you are completing the action. Quickly refer to your Activity History to help you write those targeted personalized emails!

Failed Actions

Sometimes people in your Flow can Fail to send for different reasons. Check the Failed tab to correct the failure and try again! Here are the failed actions you may run into:

  • Flow is not active

  • Merge Field Issue

  • Count Not Found in Salesforce (you need to remove the person from the flow because the record has been deleted from Salesforce)

Navigate from the Actions page by clicking:

  • The Flow Name in the Summary column, or in the Action Window itself -> open up the Flow Overview Page if you need to edit the templates, add any additional prospects to the flow, or configure any additional automated actions.

  • A Flow Day in the Summary column, or in the Action Window itself -> to open up to the specific day in the flow to action from the flow itself, or add a CC/BCC email address.


Actions via Gmail and Salesforce

Don't forget you have the handy dandy Actions Play Button within your Gmail and Salesforce too! This makes it easier for you to communicate with your prospects and customers while working out of any platform you are using. 

How does it work?

  1. Click the Play Button at the top right corner of your Gmail or Salesforce page

  2. Filter Based on Step Type, Source of the action and Due Date

  3. Click the smaller play buttons to the left of each step to execute your actions!

Action on Contacts and Leads on Their Page in Salesforce

Click the Play button to view all Flow Steps due for the Contact or Lead page of which you are currently on! Action on them right then and there.

If you need to navigate to the Flow or step from Gmail or Salesforce, click on either of those in the Actions menu!


If you have any other questions on how to use this feature please reach out to

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