What's New! MMO March 2020

Learn about all the major changes and improvements that are available with Groove's new Manage My Org Page.

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We just wanted to highlight for you some major changes to what you can do in the New Manage My Org Page!

1. Users Page

  • You can now Import (new) Users from SFDC and purchase licenses if you need more.

  • Now Manage Licenses shows your available licenses and allows you to purchase on the spot if you need more!

2. Teams Page

Control which teams or users can create flows!

 3. Profile Settings

Before we used to display Text, Text Area, Picklist and Checkbox field types. Now in your Groove settings in Salesforce, you can easily configure lookup fields types so users can associate other team members in custom fields that you can report on! You can configure these in Manage My Org on the Profile Settings Page.

4. Automated Actions Page

With Global Automated Actions you can apply Groove's powerful Automated Actions to all of the Flows within your organization. Check out the newer actions you that you can now apply to all flows!

To learn more about all the pages in Manage My Org, continue on in our help center here!

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