Release Summary

Over the past few weeks, we released the following updates:

  • 1 new features
  • 2 major feature update
  • 2 minor feature updates

Release Highlights

New Features

Multiple Steps Per Day

Your teams have been seeing great results from Flow but they wanted to have more complex steps. We heard you loud and clear. We now support multiple steps per day. This means you can have a call then an email on the same day. This gives all Flow users a lot more flexibility in their sales process.

Major Feature Updates

New Search and Select Experience

Groove now has a much more powerful search and select feature. You can now select as many contacts/accounts/opportunities/etc as you want. This makes it far easier to log emails or events.

Recurring Event Support

Groove always allowed you to sync events real-time. You can now make sure all your events sync. Groove is capable of syncing all recurring events bi-directionally.

Minor Feature Updates

Email Open Tracking Granularity

Groove includes two new options that you can set to better control how you capture email open events. The first allows you to block opens from teammates. This means that if you send an email to a customer and a teammate it will count email opens only when the customer opens the email. The second option is to turn off internal email open tracking. This makes it so it will not track email opens for domains on your blacklist. You can adjust both of these in your Groove settings inside of Salesforce.

Improved Attachment Capture

We made two big improvements to attachment capture recently. The first is the ability to add attachments to the contact/opportunity rather than to the email. This makes attachments much easier to find. You can turn this feature on in your Groove settings. The second upgrade was to build in a duplicate checker to make sure the same attachments don't log.

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