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Accessing and Creating Email Templates From Gmail
Accessing and Creating Email Templates From Gmail

Learn how to access your Salesforce or Groove email templates from Gmail from any compose window.

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Groove allows you to use your Salesforce or Groove email templates from Gmail in any compose window:

Accessing Your Existing Templates

  1. Click the Groove button then click Templates

  2. Either See All Templates and select an email template or choose one from the first menu, which includes your Recent templates and Favorites.

  • Note: You can "Favorite" templates, as well as template folders, by clicking on the star to the left of a template or folder for easy access to them.

3. Preview the template and accept your selection by clicking the Use Template button in the Groove email template browser.

4. Verify that the merge fields in the template were all populated correctly before sending out the emails.

Creating New Templates in Gmail

  1. Click the Groove button and then click Templates

  2. Click on the orange '+' sign to begin creating a new template

  • Pro Tip: If you're already writing a great email, you can open your Groove template menu, and click the orange '+' in order to convert your existing email into a template!

Merge Fields

Merge fields will be automatically replaced with the recipient's data in Salesforce. These rules apply:

  1. In order for Groove to replace merge fields, you must add at least one recipient in your compose window before you select an email template.

  2. If more than one recipient was added, Groove will use only Salesforce data of the first recipient in your compose window.

  3. User merge fields will be replaced with your own data. E.g. {!user.firstname} will be replaced with your own first name according to your user record in Salesforce.

  4. Merge fields that Groove cannot replace due to missing data will be highlighted.

Note: If an email template erroneously contains contact and lead merge fields at the same time, Groove will make a choice whether to replace as many as possible contacts or as many as possible lead fields.

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