Release Summary

This month we released the following updates:

  • 2 new features
  • 1 major feature update
  • 2 minor feature updates

Release Highlights

New Features

Email Open Tracking Data In Gmail

Your users can now see email engagement data right next to their email in Gmail.

Email Open Tracking "Explore" Experience

You can now easily explore all your tracked emails. This makes it easy to quickly see how your client interacted with your last few emails or to search for one particular email.

Major Feature Updates

New Templates Interface in Gmail
We improved the templates interface to make it easier to edit and create new templates. You can now use both your Salesforce or Groove templates inside of Gmail.

Minor Updates

Email Analytics Tab
Your users could already see stats on total activities, flow performance, or template performance. Now you can see which emails were the top performing for any time period.

Opt-out Support For Flow

Flow now leverages your email opt out lists. This not only blocks people from adding contacts that opted out but it also checks to see if the contact has opted out since the last email was sent. This makes it easy to stay compliant.

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