Release Summary

This month we released the following updates:

  • 2 new features
  • 1 major feature update
  • 2 minor feature updates

Release Highlights

Email Open Tracking V4
We released a huge update to our email tracking feature. This is a complete overhaul of our email tracking feature that makes it not only much more functional and useful but with a great new design as well. Some of the improvements include:

  • Faster load times and notifications - our email open tracking wasn’t fast enough. We wanted the notices to be instant so your reps could follow-up immediately.
  • Event detail everywhere - You can now see a beautiful timeline of all previous interactions with anemail, not just the last open.
  • More details on opens- You all have been asking for more data related to the emails. We are now going to show you information like the device (mobile vs desktop) as well as the city/region/country of the email open.
  • Unified email open tracking - all messages from Gmail and Flow are now tracked the same way.

You can see an image of the new interface below:

Automated Actions For Flows
You can now set automated actions based on what happens in Flow. For example, you could automatically update a field in Salesforce if an email bounces. Another example is you could automatically create a Salesforce task after you complete a Flow. These are just two examples but the opportunities are endless. You can see a preview of this feature here.

Improved Sales Performance Dashboards
We released a large update to our dashboards. It is now much easier to look at the email and activity data across your entire team.

Link Tracking
Your users can now track to see when links are clicked in their emails. This allows them to easily see when a customer is engaging with their content.

Sync Management Improvements
We released a new version of user management for email and calendar sync. This will make it much easier for you to see exactly who has email or calendar sync enabled.

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