In Groove, you can easily get a quick visual of effort vs. engagement all in one bar graph!  

You can view this information on the account or people level making it easy for you to prioritize which account or people to reach out to.

Breaking Down the Bar Graph

The graph looks at the last 13 weeks comprised of the following data:

  • Emails sent through connect
  • Emails sent through flows
  • Outbound dials
  • Outbound calls
  • Inbound calls
  • Emails opens
  • Email link clicks
  • Email attachment downloads
  • Email unsubscribe replies
  • Email replies

From this data we calculate an Effort score and Engagement Score that is plotted on the graph across the 13 weeks where Effort is measured in yellow and Engagement in purple. Effort is determined the actions you're putting into the person/account and Engagement is determined by the response you're getting from the person/account. The value on the right of the graph is cumulative of all engagements of all time.

If you're viewing this on the Account level, the data will be cumulative of all persons under that Account. 

Email open, email link click, email reply, email attachment download, and phone conversation contributes determines the Engagement Score. For Effort, we factor in whether the email was sent through connect or a flow to calculate an email score and add total calls to determine an Effort Score. 

Where to find Effort/Engagement

You can find Effort/Engagement in the following pages in your Groove Web App:

In Actions, People and Spaces, you can view Effort/Engagement on the people level. When viewing a Space containing accounts, you can click on the account to see people associated with the account and their Effort/Engagement. For Actions and People, if you have any actions due or people added to your list, you will be able to see their Effort/Engagement. 

In Accounts and Spaces, you can view Effort/Engagement on the account level.


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