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Understanding Effort/Engagement
Understanding Effort/Engagement

Quickly assess sales effort versus engagement to better prioritize which accounts you should be focused on.

Written by Tom Stevenson
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Quickly understand account health using the Effort and Engagement bar graph in the Groove Web App. You can view this information on the account or people level making it easy for you to prioritize which account or people to engage.

Breaking Down the Bar Graph

The graph looks at the last 13 weeks comprised of the following data:

  • Emails sent

  • Inbound and Outbound calls

  • Emails opens

  • Email link clicks

  • Email attachment downloads

  • Email replies

From this data we are able to plot on the graph the effort vs engagement for a person/account across the last 13 weeks where Effort is measured in yellow and Engagement in purple. Effort is determined by the actions you're putting into the person/account and Engagement is determined by the response you're getting from the person/account.

The Engagement Score takes into account all the factors listed above and gives you a score based on how engaged the person/account has been over the last 13 weeks.

If you're viewing this on the Account level, the data will take into account the people associated to that Account. We recommend comparing Account Effort/Engagement with Account Status to identify accounts that need your attention and action.

Where to find Effort/Engagement

You can find Effort/Engagement in the following pages in your Groove Web App:

In Actions, People and Spaces, you can view Effort/Engagement on the people level. When viewing a Space containing accounts, you can click on the account to see people associated with the account and their Effort/Engagement. For Actions and People, if you have any actions due or people added to your list, you will be able to see their Effort/Engagement. 

In Accounts and Spaces, you can view Effort/Engagement on the account level.


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